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J820N Karen Reintegration Program, Myanmar.

Myanmar, Asia

Project Description

The Karen Reintegration Program trains teenagers who have completed high school to become teachers or how to provide basic medical care. It also helps villagers establish businesses so they can gain an income.

Our project is in an area called “no mans land” by the Thai Border police. It has begun to be re-settled after the civil war ceased in 2012.  The needs are huge for the community trying to rebuild a life here. A recent survey shows that 70 % of families have lost a father in the war. “No Man’s Land” provides very little in the way of schools for the children, there is little or no access to medical treatment. Malaria and dengue fever are rampant with no means of treatment, and the child mortality rate is high. The only source of income for the communities is the sale of corn that they sell over the river to Thailand traders. All the income goes to the peacekeeping force that in turn provides rations of rice to the families. There are many opportunities for development, education and medical training.

J820N will provide basic teacher training to Karen national students, who have completed high school at the Refugee camp schools and who can then work as teachers in schools we establish in this region. The project also provides basic medical training, so medical trainees can work in clinics established in this region and improve the health and welfare of these communities. J820N will also establish livelihood programs to increase their economy and establish new businesses.

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