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J812N Living Water Myanmar.

Asia, Myanmar

Project Description

Living Water Myanmar is a community development project that focuses on Water Security in one of the most impoverished regions of the country.  This project is motivated by the severe lack of drinking water for villagers and school communities in the Dry Zone of Myanmar.

In the early stages of the project, the local Project Manager visited well over one hundred villages in central Myanmar to gather baseline data on current water needs and related infrastructure. Villagers were consulted and agreed to participate cooperatively to improve their own water security. The In-Country manager has field- tested optimum designs for standardized construction of 3,000 gallon and 5,000 gallon water tanks. The In-Country construction team, with labour input from each village, construct and install concrete water supply tanks and piping systems, usually best located in the grounds of local schools.

The GDG partnership began in May 2014, with a goal of funding a further 52 village water tanks over a three year period.  Thanks to the hard work of the in country team and generosity of our donors this goal has been well-surpassed, with 184 water tanks being completed within this period! Living Water Myanmar now plans to install water tanks in another 120 villages facing severe water shortages over the next three years.

At the same time, a need for early education was identified, and the project helped setup an early childhood pre-school. The school commenced with 25 children and by December, 2015 over 50 children were attending. This has been organized by the In-Country Partner who developed the model preschool and trained a number of new teachers. Funding from project J812N covered some of the initial equipment for curriculum delivery. The goal is sustainability by collecting tuition fees from parents to cover the ongoing costs of teacher wages.

This project has enjoyed success because of the generosity of donors, the dedication of local workers and the support of Global Development Group.

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