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J809N LivingStone Media Vocational Training.

Asia, Indonesia

Project Description

The LivingStone Media Vocational Training project will establish a vocational training program and also equip a production studio for the poor and underprivileged in Indonesia. LivingStone Media has the specialised TV production skills and knowledge to run the course which will enable the beneficiaries to learn a career path for a future in the media industry. Some of the participants who will be trained in media and TV production through the development of a TV program as part of the project, will be employed as production crew with the studio and possibly will become trainers in the future.

The project also aims to produce high quality, professional and appropriate TV/Video productions; and establish a self-sustaining video and TV production facility which will help contribute to the media industry in Indonesia.  It can become self-funding through a number of measures, including providing services to other organisations in TV production.

This project is in partnership between GDG, LivingStone Media and Mercy Indonesia.

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