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J785N The Nam Hai Charity Sympathetic Hearts Project.

Vietnam, Asia

Project Description

This project operates in 2 locations in Vietnam Quang Nam and Hoa Bac. In these two regions many parents find it difficult to earn a living, therefore their children’s education is not their biggest concern. Many parents believe that education means to know how to read and write and higher education is not necessary. This causes many children to quit school before secondary school and stay at home to help their parents earn an income. Furthermore the students that do stay at school tend to struggle as the quality of education is not good and the schools are not well equipped.

To address this issue the project works to raise awareness to parents of the importance of their children attending school to receive an education. The project also works with schools to help upgrade their facilities so they can provide a better education for children. One initiative is to purchase books for school libraries that previously have had minimal resources.

The project also works to assist with family incomes by providing them with cows and goats to care for, this then provides the family with an income.

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