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J529N Sunshine Cambodia.

Asia, Cambodia

Project Description

For many years, Sunshine Cambodia (formerly The Sunshine Centre for Children) has provided services in education, health and nutrition to disadvantaged children in the Boeung Tompun area of Phnom Penh. In 2012, Sunshine Cambodia made the bold move from being centre-based to community-based so that existing resources within the community, such as parents and public school teachers, are more involved in the development and welfare of the children.

The principal aims of the project are to enable disadvantaged children to attend local schools by covering educational fees and to work directly with their families to increase their income earning power. Through this two-tracked approach, children have access to school while their parents’ ability to support them is developed, thereby strengthening social and practical capacities within the community.

Sunshine Cambodia operates children’s “extra-curricular clubs”, where twice a week the children participate in computer lessons as well as crafts, sports and music programs.  Children who excel in English are given scholarships to private schools to continue learning English and the top female students are enrolled in a private school.

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