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J515 Awareness Cambodia.

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Our three Child Development programs are officially registered and recognised by the Cambodian Government. Sunshine House cares for the youngest children, providing shelter, support and education in a nurturing environment. House of Progress provides accommodation and mentoring for high-school aged children and Graduation House is designed for students studying at a tertiary level or undertaking vocational training.

We believe that education is vital in helping the young people of Cambodia to take their places in society and help deliver a better future for their nation.  Working with the Cambodian Government, we provide community education programs which include equipping schools with toilets and running water, providing basic school supplies and running English language classes. In addition, we operate a scholarship fund for local students looking to study medicine or agriculture.

Established in 2006, our medical stream – Operation Nightingale – is dedicated to improving the lives of rural Cambodians, most of whom face challenges associated with illiteracy, poverty and poor nutrition.

We operate seven health clinics each week in the provinces. Staffed by well-trained doctors and nurses, the clinics provide basic treatment, medications and health tests. We also run a screening and education program to increase early detection of breast and cervical cancers in local women.

Each year we arrange for a team of Australian doctors, nurses and allied health professionals to provide remote area clinics – for many villagers this is the only time that they ever see a doctor.

We now also offer medical scholarships for local academically-gifted, but underprivileged, students – supporting the next generation of health professionals.

These programs are among the first of their kind in Cambodia, creating hope and encouraging generations of orphaned Cambodian children to grow into well-adjusted and self-sufficient leaders.

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