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J471 Klong Toey Community Centre.

Asia, Thailand

Project Description

The Klong Toey Community Centre is a community development project aimed at improving the lives of people living in the Klong Toey slum. Klong Toey is the largest slum community in Bangkok with some 80,000 residents.

Unemployment, poor housing conditions, over-crowding, flooding, drugs, gang violence, AIDS and other health problems are just some of the difficulties faced by this impoverished community. Many families in the slum cannot afford to send their children to school. Some children are orphaned and are in the care of relatives. These children are at high risk of being involved in drugs, crime and prostitution.

A multi-purpose community centre, which provides education and training, recreation, and community development, is a lifeline of support to families residing in the slum. The Foundation is currently supporting the pre-school education program, which is providing learning opportunities for 40 ‘children at risk’ from the slum. The program runs five days a week and is focussed on assisting children with special needs, especially those with mild disabilities, troubled backgrounds, AIDS, or learning difficulties.

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