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J396 Kitale Family House of Hope.

Africa, Kenya

Project Description

The Namanjalala region of Kitale in north-western Kenya is home to 24,950 people. Only 9,000 of these people are over 20 years of age. 40% are illiterate and only 20% are educated to primary school level. HIV/AIDS and inter-tribal fighting has killed many of the people of working age.
Through the Kitale House of Hope, Neighbours Aid operates a multi-faceted community development project aimed at improving the lives and future opportunities of young people in the area. It offers much needed holistic care to around 69 disadvantaged children as well as providing an education to over 130 children in its school.

Vocational training in tailoring is also provided to local beneficiaries through two tailoring schools. These schools provide training for young unemployed and single mothers who are then able to gain employment in local factories.

The project also organises yearly visits for teams from Australia who provide medical help as well as conducting seminars for teachers, leaders and community medical workers.

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