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J351N Action for Empowerment.

Africa, Zambia

Project Description

Action for Empowerment (AFE) is dedicated to the empowerment and betterment of the Chibolya, Kalingalinga and Chalala communities in Lusaka through quality education, health services, skill development and income generation training. The beneficiaries of this project are empowered through:

  • Sponsorship of up to 180 orphans to receive a quality school education and nutrition program
  • Establishment of community medical facility to service 30,000 people who currently don’t have access to medical services
  • HIV/AIDS education and medication through a dedicated HIV outreach awareness team
  • Training in income generation skills including micro-enterprise training, construction skills and
  • Will also do a reputable skill development training for prisoners

The project also seeks to develop effective agricultural practices and establish a model crop and livestock management system. This will enable beneficiaries to be trained in agriculture techniques, helping them to become self-sufficient and create increased financial sustainability for the project to continue to widen its reach and assistance to those in need in Zambia.

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