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J1130N Youth Rising South Africa.

South Africa, Africa

Project Description

There is a high rate of unemployment (58%) and poverty among South African youth, mostly in rural areas, preventing young people from being active in the economy and looking after their own futures. Most young people are not able to afford to study further and become more specialised due to their family backgrounds and lack of economic stability.

We want to provide a comprehensive approach to integrate young women and men in the labour market through vocational skills training and personal support.

How will we do it?

  1. Provide Youth access to training and gainful employment in the construction industry
  2. Train Youth in business skills to establish small solo or small businesses within trades so they can become young entrepreneurs

How many people will we help?

  • Our first step is to help 50 young men and 70 young women into training and gainful employment.

What difference will this make?

  • Young people will grow in confidence, skills, hope and income
  • The high proportion of girls in the program will speak to gender violence and even more importantly, the capacity and status of women being improved.
  • For every young person we assist, 5 family members will also be assisted with family income, emotional support and hope for the future
  • And the community will experience reduced violence in the community and in homes.
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