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J1122N Penang Births.

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Giving birth can be hard at the best of times, but giving birth as a refugee, is even harder!
The Rohingya are stateless refugees who are denied citizenship in both Myanmar and Bangladesh. They flee the violent genocide that hounds then, and yet, wherever they land, they feel unwanted and unsafe. Many thousands have found their way to Malaysia.

Penang Births endeavours to alleviate their struggles during pregnancy, childbirth and raising their families – which is often all they have.

Glynis Willows is a qualified midwife and certified Doula with Childbirth International (CBI). Ante-natal classes and coaching is provided in the early months and assistance and support during labour, birth, and postnatally.

Penang births provides each mum with a bag of baby items prior to going to hospital as well as covering 50% of their hospital bill. During the Covid pandemic, their husbands are not allowed to work, leaving them with no income and desperate financial struggles. Please help us to help these families. Every dollar you give will help to make their lives better.

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