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J1117N Cirebon Medical Centre and Education Project.

Indonesia, Asia

Project Description

Yayasan Nawasena Parahita Lestari, or better known as “Creating a Bright Future Foundation” was established in 2020 in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic. It was initially formed to expand the English and Literacy Teaching that we were doing in 2 local prisons in Indonesia and also in local communities and schools. The demand for more free lessons was growing even though we already were running 10 lessons a week.

As soon as our foundation was ratified with the Indonesian Government with our 11 local Indonesian directors, the pandemic hit, and our lessons were shut down. But we did not close our doors. Instead, our focus was to take food relief out onto the streets to help people who could not make their daily income. Usually, these people are living hand to mouth and if they cannot work they cannot eat. Local Indonesians and businesses heard about what we were doing, and donations of money or food started to flow in. This work still continues today.

Then, a block of land in one of the poor villages were we had been teaching, was made available to build a hospital/medical clinic. This seemed a brilliant idea in the wake of the pandemic that was devastating the limited local medical facilities. Some very kind donations from Australia enabled this project to be started. That is when we decided to partner with Global Development Group as they would help us to run an effective foundation that has protection for children, proper accounting, protection of the environment and prevention from corruption as well as providing tax deductions for Australian donors. We are very grateful for their very kind assistance.

Today, we are looking to buy the land next door to the hospital to enable future expansion. In the interim we can use it as a marketplace for the local communities to sell their wares and we can also expand our education programs. We continue to teach in the prisons (which resumed at the end of 2020), giving literacy lessons 5 days a week. One of our areas of focus is to assist people when they are released from prison. Gaining employment is difficult and they sometimes have nowhere to live. Our goal is to provide support so that they are not tempted to reoffend.

We have also heard about some children who do not have access to schooling. We hope to start up some basic educational facilities for such children even though that are located a long way away. We will go to wherever the need arises. We will help anyone who might be suffering in any way.  We cannot meet every need, but we can make a difference so that the world become a better place.

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