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J1082N Futures of Dignity & Opportunity, Nepal.

Nepal, Indian Subcontinent

Project Description

Futures of Dignity and Opportunity supports women and girls in Nepal to lead self-determined lives. The project is delivered by Asha Nepal, a locally-led organisation with over 10 years of experience in trauma-informed, child centered care, with support from Project Didi Australia.

In Nepal, entrenched discrimination, poverty and inequalities in education leave women and girls particularly vulnerable to trafficking and violence. The project

  1. Supports families, who have experienced or are at-risk of trafficking and abuse, to live self-sufficient, stable lives. Families are provided with short term living assistance to help them withstand crises, support to send their daughters to school and counselling, life skills programs and careers guidance to strengthen family units.
  2. Enables the recovery and reintegration of survivors of trafficking and abuse, through family based care. Family based care provides the United Nation’s best practice in alternative care: a safe, caring home, with 5-6 children supported by a consistent foster mother. Asha Nepal works to reintegrate children with their biological or extended families, working closely with the child’s family from the day the child enters their care.

Through its holistic, tailored, long term focus, Futures of Dignity and Opportunity supports over 150 women and girls to lead independent lives, free from violence and abuse.

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