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Project Description

Saya Suka Membaca (I Love Reading) is an Indonesian non-profit foundation working towards a future where all of Indonesia’s children have a chance not only to learn to read, but to love reading. We do this by equipping pre-school and early-primary teachers to teach literacy effectively, so that the children they teach learn to read with fluency, understanding and enjoyment. These skills are the foundation of a good education, and give children from poor communities a chance to lead happier, healthier, more productive lives.

The Books for Indonesia project (in partnership with GDG) is a project to raise the capital needed to bulk print high-quality reading books that are desperately needed to support effective literacy teaching. We will print full-colour A4-sized “Big Books” for teachers to use at the front of the classroom, and A5- and A6-sized children’s reading books, so that children can experience the reward of reading culturally appropriate stories independently from an early stage. Funding from GDG will allow us to serve more schools and children by reducing the cost of our books, while also increasing their quality. The program will print more than 25,000 books.

In 2018, Saya Suka Membaca materials were used to teach more than 5,000 children to read, and we have supplied books to partners including UNICEF, Room to Read, and Australian DfAT’s INOVASI program.

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