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J1009N Reach Kids Lanka.

Sri Lanka, Indian Subcontinent

Project Description

Project Description

There is a need to provide children from poor & disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities to learn English, and other critical leadership and life skills, through a holistic approach in equipping them for success in adult life.

The direct beneficiaries come from a disempowered position, having remained in a cycle of poverty for generations, impacting physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Consequently, many remain in residential care. This systemic disempowerment leads to a self-perpetuating loss of hope and sense of future in these children.

Our Vision

The vision for a better situation looks like:

  1. The children (direct beneficiaries) who are in residential homes recognizing that can have big dreams for their future and that they have the tools and means to pursue it and take a strong sense of ownership and responsibility in their community for a better future;
  2. All community groups and duty bearers recognizing the importance of education, particularly English education and IT skills and that they are prepared to do something about it so that their next generation can do better;
  3. Beneficiaries recognizing that there are assets within the community that they can utilize.

We want to establish learning environments for disadvantaged children from poor communities by providing education and training, thereby alleviating the effects of poverty. In doing so, we are attempting to empower beneficiaries to develop a strong sense of ownership and responsibility in the community where the children (direct beneficiaries) recognize they can have big dreams for their future and that they have the tools and means to pursue it.

Project Activities

  1. English and IT programs are introduced to two residential children’s home.
    1. Centre 1 in Nuwara Eliya of 14 children:
      1. Local English and IT teacher provide training three days a week (2 days IT and 1 day English) onsite.  Each session is 2 hours.
    2. Centre 2 in Gumpola consisting of 10 children:
      1. Older children undertakes an English program at a local American College.
      2. A local private tutor for English conducts classes at the home twice a week with 1.5 hours per session.Supply of basic computer equipment;
  2. Supply of basic computer equipment
  3. Introduction of online learning software

We are looking to expand education programs to more centres depending on available funding.


We are currently still in the first year since initial implementation.

First year assessment indicates increased confidence in usage of English words and vocabulary.  Children were able to speak for 1 minute on a topic of their choice in a reasonably fluent manner.  Even though the speech were prepared and commit to memory beforehand, it was evident that there is increased confidence in their ability to speak English.

Kids were also able to identify parts of a computer.

There was a sense of enthusiasm as the children were keen to present their speech, show us their work books and try to answer simple questions posed by the team.

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