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J789N Restore One Cambodia Village Development.

Cambodia, Asia

Project Description

J789N Restore One Cambodia Village Development over the past few years has established a primary school in Chaom Trach Village alongside strong community support. The project  now seeks to establish a high school in the village as the closest high school for the communities children to attend is 8km away and provides a low quality of education. Restore One also seeks to increase the chances of parents sending their children to school through providing families with housing and health care services. They have observed that often parents are hesitant to send their children to school because they are under financial pressure and need them to work. Restore One wil work with the village leader to help each family meet their housing needs. Parents will be taught how to keep their house and property clean. Restore One provides mobile medical clinics on a regular basis, usually 4 times a year for the community to access. The village leader knows that through our project coordinator emergency assistance is always available, and this resource has saved many lives. Training will be provided to teachers employed at the new school alongside continual support, resulting in a better quality education, ensuring they teach 5 days a week and are paid accordingly.

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