Growing sustainability in Cambodian villages

One of the great challenges of extreme poverty in rural locations is for families to provide for themselves without the children’s education being neglected because they need to work.

Global Development Group J789N Restore One Cambodia is not only enabling children to gain an education at school, but teaching children sound agricultural practice and helping provide for their families at the same time!

“We are really excited to have the first agricultural crops harvested. Each class is given an area to grow different crops such as corn, lemon grass, eggplant etc. The children take some of the harvest home, sell some of the harvest and eat some of the food for lunch. The aim is that all families can grow their own food,” explains Sokhun Prok, project manager.

Mothers are also being helped through the sewing project, as they are now able to work from home on a part-time basis and still care for their children. Other women are learning to make and sell soap and jewellery. They are increasingly empowered to earn their own money to feed, clothe and provide essential medical treatment for their children.

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