GDG project partner named social justice “hero” in Indonesia

Mercy Indonesia and its founder, Paulus Wiratno, were presented with the 2015 “Hero Award” by Indonesian Minister for Social Justice, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, for social justice work in restoring the lives of orphans and vulnerable children throughout Indonesia. The award was presented on a popular national television program, Kick Andy.

Global Development Group has partnered with Mercy Indonesia over many years and currently operates project J260N, Mercy Training Centre in Denpasar. This is a refuge, recovery and training program for women, mostly victims of domestic violence.

Mercy Indonesia Foundation was started in 2001 when an unwed mother gave away her three-day-old son to Paulus and Marliesye Wiratno. The story of being given abandoned babies to look after was repeated many times over. Realizing the need to rescue babies and orphans and give them a future, Paulus and Marliesye Wiratno started a foundation they called Mercy Indonesia. The work has continued to grow and diversify to meet community needs.

Mercy Indonesia also has a wide range of influence in Indonesia including government partnership and advisory roles. Other facets of the project include seven community radio stations opened in 2014, with 47 in total, each with approximately one million listeners. The programs encourage strong and healthy models of community living.