Featured: High-level Support for Effective Dialogue Myanmar (J844)

The project goal is to support Myanmar’s key political leaders in their efforts for building peaceful coexistence, national cohesion and democratic transition.

This Global Development Project is in partnership with The Charitable Foundation and Club de Madrid (CdM), an independent international organization with more than 90 democratic former Heads of State and Government from over 60 countries. Their core mandate is to support democratic transitions and consolidations, and to foster democratic values and leadership; and will be joining forces on an ad hoc basis for specific activities with two local research and strategic studies organizations with extensive experience in Myanmar.

CdM Members will be engaging with key political, military, social, ethnic and religious leadership, through activities such as bilateral meetings and high-level missions with their convening power to facilitate a safe space for dialogue.

The local partners in the project, M-ISIS, EcoDev, MDRI, in cooperation with the Development Center of the OECD, are highly recognized local organizations dedicated to economic and social transformation in Myanmar, that carry on quality research work on relevant issues that can inform the ongoing democratic reforms.