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Don’t Like PayPal?.

Option 1: Give by Direct Deposit or Post us a Cheque

The vast majority of donors give via Direct Deposit (either in their bank branch or via online banking).
Quite a number still post us Cheques; yes, you can still do that these days 🙂

Instructions for Cheque and Direct Deposit

Option 2: Give via our Standard Credit Card Donation Gateway

This is our tried and true method; no bells, no whistles… it just works. It doesn’t have the functionality that PayPal provides for our Project Partners, but it is a cheaper credit card donation gateway, which means that more funds are avaiable for your preferred project!

For security and donor privacy purposes, the first step is to create your own donor login:

This is only 1 extra entry screen, and the only extra information required is the password you choose (which you enter twice).

Having created your donor login, you will have the ability to update your own contact and credit card details, securely, online.

Secure Online Credit Card – Create Donor Login, then Donate!

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