Cycling their way out of poverty!?

Year six students from the Cambodian school at Global Development Group J789N Restore One Cambodia Village Development were each recently presented with a bicycle!

Rewarded for attending and graduating from primary school, the eager students will now be able to ride to high school, about three kilometres from their village, when school resumes. Completing their secondary education is vital for these children to break out of the poverty cycle.

GDG Project Officers Jordan Brayley, Peta Thomas and Phealy Hut were there for the big occasion.  “Sokhun, the project manager, spoke to the students and parents about the importance of attending school and getting a good education to change their futures. After that he asked us to help present them to the children. They were so excited!” Jordan recalls.

Last time Peta visited, the school wasn’t open and there was only one building up. There are now three buildings, all filled with students. Each class has around 25 students, well below the government school average of 50 students in each class. By the end of the year the school plans to open a classroom for deaf students.

The school’s model is so effective that UNICEF was enquiring about how things had been done.

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