GDG Partner wins the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

Image: Marwa Awad/WFP

We’re proud to share that our partner, the UN World Food Programme (WFP), has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020!

The deciding committee recognized the work of WFP staff who put their lives on the line every day to bring food and assistance to more than 100 million hungry children, women and men across the world. It also puts the struggle of the 690 million people who go to bed hungry at the centre of world attention.

In their statement the Norwegian Nobel Committee emphasised, “...providing assistance to increase food security not only prevents hunger, but can also help to improve prospects for stability and peace.”

Global Development Group has partnered with the WFP on project J807N for over 6 years and have contributed over $2 million to life saving programs in Syria.

In the past year the Syria project has reached over 4.5 million beneficiaries each month and provided just under 500,000 mega tonnes of food.

Global Development Group Executive Director Geoff Armstrong shared, “We have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with the WFP, we always enjoy working with their staff and together are achieving some fantastic results in Syria”

Global Development Group congratulates the WFP on this incredible achievement. Congratulations also to all the incredible donors and partners who have contributed to this fantastic outcome.

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