Success in the midst of challenges

Our passion is to provide comprehensive quality management to help achieve development effectiveness. We are committed to achieving sustainable development in all our projects and support the Sustainable Development Goals, with an aim to address all poverty-related issues as completely, effectively, professionally and sustainably as possible.

2020 was a year that challenged and stretched our partners, donors and team. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we're proud of some incredible achievements both at home and abroad.

Please read on for some of our key figures from the past year:

  • 197 projects helping children thrive in school
  • 25,484 people in microfinance groups
  • 46 projects improving community access to clean water & sanitation
  • 108 projects improving health outcomes in communities
  • 1,846,416 direct beneficiaries
  • 3,862,892 indirect beneficiaries
  • 2.43 million beneficiaries from African projects
  • 2.1 million beneficiaries from Asian projects

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