A Hockey Adventure with Fries on the Side

Global Development Group projects are as diverse as they are far-reaching. In south-eastern Europe, project J1142N Newlife for Bosnia and Herzegovina Sports Program works with children and youth from differing religious and ethnic backgrounds to promote unity and encourage school attendance through sports, excursions and personal development opportunities.

The project offers an indoor hockey program with 25 kids and teens participating. Twice a week, dedicated coaches guide the group through training sessions. Recently, 8 youngsters had the chance to participate in a Hockey Tournament in Croatia.

One of the players only joined the team 5 months ago. Just days before the trip, it was discovered that his passport was expiring, a new application was quickly prepared and submitted, and they received it just in time. For the first time in his life, he crossed the border and just as exciting, he experienced his first-ever meal at McDonald's.

The travel experience was new for many in the team and the experience of playing in a tournament was doubly thrilling. Against the odds, the team clinched win after win to finally claim the tournament title. This triumph was unprecedented – winning four consecutive games was a first, let alone winning a tournament! The elation and pride they all felt was immeasurable.

Their coach writes, “This is a huge deal for all of us. I have been coaching children for 20 years in hockey, and we have never played as well as we did this time. My nephew told me after the tournament, “I told you that everything is possible”. We hope that teens and children will know that despite the difficulties they face, everything is possible for them.”

Hats off to our incredible team and coaches on their remarkable win!

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J1142N - Newlife for Bosnia & Herzegovina Sports Program

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