Over $2 million sent to Ukraine!

Global Development Group is proud to announce that our Ukraine Appeal, in partnership with the World Food Programme has surpassed AUD$2 million of support.

Overall, WFP has assisted over 3.8 million conflict-affected and displaced people across Ukraine with food and cash since the beginning of the conflict. In May alone, WFP assisted over 630,000 people with food and cash, of which 40 percent were reached with bread. Over 60 percent of WFP assistance is delivered in the most conflict-affected east and south oblasts of Ukraine to date. Namely, Kharkivska oblast, which showed high levels of food inaccessibility, continue to receive the biggest share of WFP aid, where around 1.4 million vulnerable people were supported with food and cash since 24 February. Over one third of WFP distribution is taking place in the north and center of Ukraine, in oblasts that were previously the site of active fighting. These areas currently host around 36 percent of the country’s internally displaced persons (IDPs).

WFP maintains an agile and adaptive emergency response, combining food and cash where suitable to meet the diverse needs and particular contexts of Ukraine’s cities and oblasts. In oblasts and cities where markets and the financial system are functional, WFP provides cash and vouchers to support those who lost their incomes and livelihood opportunities.

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