J1088N Hope for the Forgotten Disadvantaged in Bali

Indonesia, Southeast Asia

The Situation 

Government social and financial help resources are minimal in Indonesia and the poorest segment of the population is dependent on charity programmes to obtain life-saving or life-changing assistance. Yet many people are not helped by these programmes, mainly those who live in the most remote and poorest areas in Bali and are separated from easy access to medical treatment; they are the people who fall through the cracks. They remain hidden from public view and they are difficult to find, mostly because Balinese culture dictates that misery, disease, disability and poverty should be hidden from the outside world.


The Objective 

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia is a registered charity whose main goal is to to provide effective and targeted help where it will have the most impact: to children and adults with pernicious diseases, acute and untreated medical problems, severe malnourishment or living in abominable and substandard conditions due to extreme poverty. Solemen presently relies on a single mobile Outreach team composed of volunteer doctors, nurses and therapists who actively search for the people “who fall through the cracks” and target medical and financial help where it is most needed. Our goal is to establish an Outreach team in each of the 8 regencies in Bali to bring life-saving or life-changing help to the forgotten disadvantaged.

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