J1084N Healthy Futures Indonesia (Hohidiai)

Indonesia, Southeast Asia

The Situation

In the remote community of North Maluku, Indonesia, the community, healthcare and education facilities are still developing. Hohidiai focuses on ‘discarded’ members of society such as abandoned and neglected children and those suffering from diseases that essentially make them outcasts in their own community. The project provides a day clinic, hospital care, tuberculosis, leprosy clinic and a treatment centre for victims of HIV/AIDS. Hohidiai takes care of abandoned and “at risk” children and partners with a school to provide education for these and other children. Additionally, Hohidiai is responding to the COVID-19 crisis and has been asked by the local government to become one of the centres for COVID treatment. Hohidiai have been working in this poverty-stricken area for many years and have provided much-needed medical care, education and community development after a horrific conflict in the region saw 10,000+ people killed. 


The Objective

The Major Objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To improve health conditions and medical treatment among vulnerable populations in North Maluku and thereby assist economic outcomes for families
  • To educate the community to provide a safer environment for women and children at risk of domestic violence and human trafficking including preventing discrimination of disadvantaged through the stigma of HIV/AIDS, TB and Leprosy
  • To increase the economic conditions of local beneficiaries so they are independent and self-sustainable

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