J1131N ESSTA Resource/Community Centre Building Project

Myanmar, Southeast Asia

The Situation

  • Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Eastern Shan State (ESS) has a long history of armed conflict, drug production, human trafficking, political instability , lack of education, broken families and poverty. It is the world’s second largest producer of opium and methamphetamines. Everything is “broken”, leaving individuals, families and communities trapped in a cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity, due largely to lack of education and employment. The brokenness of this region has global ramifications reaching far beyond its ethnically diverse mountains, valleys and rice paddies, as far as to Australia (Drug Trafficking). 

The Objectives

  • This project will contribute to bringing resources, and development to Eastern Shan State in Myanmar. Having a Resource Development/Community Center will be an effective tool to bring light and love to a very dark and overlooked corner of the world. This Community Center will bring practical skills, resources, and community and encouragement to individuals and remote communities that will improve their quality of life. 

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