J812N Living Water Myanmar

Myanmar, Southeast Asia

The Situation

The Dry Zone of central Myanmar covers more tha 54,000km and is home to one quarter of the country's population. The marjority of the rural population living in the Dry Zone rely on agriculture based livelihoods which places them at great risk in times of water shortage, with little water to supply stock and crops, as well as worsening environmental conditions such as soil erosion and degradation of soil quality. This lack of clean water in the region has created health issues for many and in most regions the only water supply is muddy and not safe for drinking. Villagers have reported experiencing consistent diarrhoea through the rainy season, when water sources are often contaminated.

The Objectives

  • Living Water Myanmar engages the community to build water tanks in villages across the Dry Zone. They aim to continue to install tanks in schools and communities utilising the resources from donated funds. Each tank benefits approximately 30 families and will supply long term access to clean water for thousands of people. The vision is to see villagers in the Dry Zone have access to clean water, decreasing health issues and increasing their ability to provide livelihoods.

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