J734N NLF Education Training Centre

Myanmar, Southeast Asia

The Situation

The number of orphans and abandoned children in Myanmar is estimated at 1.6 million by UNICEF. Many of these children do not have the opportunity to go to school or obtain basic education. The vast majority of people in Myanmar earn less than three dollars per day.

This project seeks to address the lack of educational opportunity particularly for orphans and abandoned children of minority groups, and to give them an opportunity to learn and grow.

The Objectives

  1. By increasing the standard of English/Burmese/Computer literacy, NLF Education Training Centre are building the capacity of the beneficiaries to gain employment with a goal of 200+ children to be educated over three years.
  2. NLF Education Training Centre plan to further develop a preschool facility by three times the current size, for community children to receive holistic development which will include promoting safe families, child protection, personal hygiene and HIV/AIDS education.
  3. Opening up opportunities in employment for when students enter the workforce, thereby reducing poverty in this community as well as providing post school scholarships and vocational training.

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