J1193N Tumi's Bright Futures Initiative

Ghana, Africa

The Situation

The education system in Ghana has several problems.

The Ghanaian government cannot alone bear the costs of education, so several private institutions exist to assist in providing education. The government schools are free but the school environment is usually not conducive to learning. Classes are overcrowded, water and sanitation facilities are inadequate and school books and trained teachers are in short supply. Private schools are becoming more and more prevalent but there is little to no quality control and therefore problems like uneducated teachers and age-inappropriate education are common.

In public and private alike issues like corporal punishment and (sexual) harrassment are prevalent. Apart from all this the education system is highly result driven, which creates children without critical thinking, problem solving and creative solution skills.

Education is the most important part in a society. In Ghana, it has been taken very seriously, so serious that now schools are trying to teach 2 and 3 years old kids to read and write and give them exams. Children are not allowed to be kids and the creative and curious minds will be taken away from them in name of education.

Ghana needs to invest in teacher training and professional development to improve the quality of teaching. Additionally, strategies to attract and retain qualified teachers, especially in remote areas, are essential.

The Objectives

To start Tumi International Primary school which is designed to create opportunities for children to explore interests, develop knowledge, and build meaningful skills. The goal is to create a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment for young kids to express themselves, learn and grow. The goal is to use Tumi International school as an example of best practice so we can help change the education system in Ghana from within.

Initially, 60 children will receive education of high quality. The school will be located in Kumasi, the second biggest city of Ghana. The school will provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn, build confidence, and learn new skills.

 30 percent of the students will receive a full scholarship. The scholarships will be given to children of street-hawkers, women who sell various products at the streets of Kumasi. 

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