J1142N Newlife for Bosnia & Herzegovina Sports Program

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe

The Situation

Bosnia-Herzegovina, nestled in the Balkans, boasts medieval villages, rivers, lakes, and the rugged Dinaric Alps. Its diverse population comprises Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats, who share a South Slav heritage. Religious differences distinguish these groups and with a recent history of war and division, segregation continues to exist in all contexts including in the local schools where children are separated into their ethnic groups within the same school campus.

The Objectives

The project aims to foster reconciliation and hope among the next generation, promoting unity among all ethnic groups. Through team sports, children and youth from diverse backgrounds come together, enjoying teamwork and shared goals.

We extend our support beyond the sports field, assisting families with practical and emotional needs. Additionally, we address the educational and humanitarian needs of children and families, ensuring access to food, clothing, and school supplies. Our goal is to encourage consistent school attendance and promote education for all.

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