J982N Sri Lanka Displaced Children's Development Project

Sri Lanka, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation

Sri Lanka’s violent civil war ended in May 2009 after more than 25 years. The war caused thousands of deaths and continues to impact the population, environment, economy and overall development of the nation to this day. It has left many children displaced and lacking parental care. Thousands have been forced to leave school and work to support their families. Young marriage is also common. Many children live in institutions away from their families and others have been left as orphans due to the years of conflict. While the war is over and peace has come to the nation, there are still thousands of scarred and traumatised lives. Children still face the aftermath of war, poverty and dysfunctional families traumatized by the conflict.

 Sri Lanka Displaced Children Development Project aims to support and empower displaced children and young people through quality education (primary, secondary and tertiary), improved healthcare, adequate subsistence (food, clothing, accommodation, water, sanitation and recreation), a safe family-like living environment, and ongoing developmental support (physical, emotional, mental and intellectual). The project focuses on three main elements: empowerment, capacity building and sustainability.

The Objectives

 1.   Have a functioning farm that contributes to the ongoing sustainability of the project. The outcome of this goal will be to have a fully functioning farm with crops and animals that will provide funds to decrease the dependency of the project on outside funding.

2.   Establish avenues to train and empower young people as they transition to independent life. The outcome is that young people are provided with an opportunity to gain valuable skills that will increase their employability and livelihoods and decrease their overall dependency on the homes.

3.   Empower displaced and disadvantaged Sri Lankan children through education, developmental support and a safe living environment. The outcome of this goal is that the children and staff thrive in a family-like environment, with sound care, support and education opportunities. 

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