J342N GDG Crossroads Development Assistance Project

Hong Kong, Asia

The Situation

there are thousands of small NGOs around the world trying to combat problems and improve their local communities, but they very frequently lack even the most basic material resources they need to start new programs, or to continue with their development work and are therefore less effective than they could be. Crossroads Foundation seeks to partner with other registered non-profit/government organisations in approved developing countries to equip them with goods needed to help move their projects forward. They have identified their access to quality developments resources and needs can support nations around the world who are not as rich in material resources and Hong Kong.

The Objectives

Crossroads Foundation and its Global Distribution arm is a NGO that uses Hong Kong’s strategic location, infrastructure, and wealth to collect and redistribute quality superseded goods globally to help alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of people in need via shipping containers. Working in close partnership with local development NGOs, Crossroads is able to provide logistical support to help these organisations to fulfil their development goals by supporting them with resources such as computers, medical equipment, furniture, educational supplies, hygiene, and survival kits.

In addition to this, Crossroads also provides expert vocational training to volunteers and partners – many of whom come from developing countries. Training programs at Crossroads include Community Care training, language lessons and IT training. This type of training is not available in many of the participants’ home countries, and therefore they are able to learn skills that not only enhance their work with Crossroads but also benefit them and their home communities for future employment opportunities and technical expertise.

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