J1138N Hope Mamuke Zambia

Zambia, Africa

The Situation

The project aim is to provide a free, quality early childhood education and nutrition program for “at risk” and orphaned children living in extreme poverty on the outskirts of Ndola, Zambia.

This families in this community experience many forms of poverty – material poverty, and lack of choices and options related to education and health. AIDS has been a significant factor with most families affected. Many of the children in the Mamuke program are orphaned as a result of the AIDS epidemic.

The Mamuke program has been founded by an experienced Zambian Primary school leader who realises the importance of preschool education. She has worked in this community for many years and is well known and respected. She has come from a similar background to the children of Mamuke. She wants to inspire them to commit themselves to learning and to achieve a brighter future. She is a strong role model and a credible influencer within her local community.

The Mamuke Acts of Hope Initiative plans to cater for more children each year as funds grow and the success of the program is established. 

The Objectives

  • Forty children have already been selected and enrolled ready for programs to commence in January 2022. By participating in daily learning activities and receiving a nutritious lunch their chances of future success are greatly enhanced. Physical and mental growth will be optimized along with improved emotional wellbeing.

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