J779N HON Methodist Development Project

Sri Lanka, Indian Subcontinent

The Situation


Angulana is a small fishing village, situated about 16 KM south of Colombo. About 70% of this low income settlement comprises fisher families who live in substandard housing by the coast and have uncertain incomes that depend heavily on the weather. Bad weather conditions of rains and strong winds also adversely affect them in other ways – their thatched or sheet roofs get blown away, the houses get flooded because many are not built on a raised base.


Addiction to alcohol and drugs is commonplace in this community. Poverty, addictions and violence destroy family life and children are especially vulnerable to all forms of abuse.       


The Objectives


  1. The project offers daily care, early childhood education, education support and special programs to approximately 60 children aged 3-10 years from an impoverished fishing community near Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. 
  2. Special community education programs on topics such parenting, health and nutrition, and regular community health clinics are also provided. The project frees parents to earn a daily wage knowing that their young children are in a safe environment during the day.

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