J696NG Child Action Lanka

Sri Lanka, Indian Subcontinent

The Story

 Child Action Lanka is an organisation dedicated to improve the lives of children in Sri Lanka who are deprived of education, traumatised by violence and abuse, and who suffer from illness mainly due to poverty, war and conflict.

 These children both from the Urban and Rural areas of Sri Lanka routinely face social stigma that prevents them from pulling out of the cycle of poverty, with challenges stemming from both society and their own families. Many of these Children are exploited on a daily basis as beggars and live on the streets having to work for their daily food. They are often neglected, exploited and abused and deprived of their basic rights to education.

The project aims to provide a safe haven for these children and to also shed light on the critical issues these children face and go through on a daily basis.


The Objectives

 The primary objectives of Child Action Lanka is to provide these children with Education, Health and Child Protection. Based on that the goals are to;

  1. Be a provider of employable education
  2. Provide sustainable health and nutrition awareness methods.
  3. Provide meals for children that are neglected food on a daily basis.
  4. Advocate for long term solutions for the protection and care of children and the youth of Sri Lanka
  5. Promote social enterprise as a way of sustainability and community ownership and development.


Presence and Work

 The very first centre was set up by renting a basement space in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Today, Child Action Lanka have expanded to 8 Child Development Centres around the country with many projects focusing on creating a better future for the children in Sri LankaTheir locations are in Kandy and Colombo, Galle, Kelaniya, Nuwaraeiliya, Batticaloa, Mullaitivu, Akkarayan and Kilinochchi. Some of their work includes;

  1. Distribution programmes of uniforms, shoes, bags, stationeries, sanitary items etc
  2. Provide scholarship schemes to support children to complete A-Levels and the provision of transport costs for children to attend schools and centres.
  3. Mobile School Initiatives helping students learn on the streets who do not have access to a school
  4. Conducting BMI Measurements while provision of Breakfast and Lunch with snacks.
  5. Initiatives that drive towards improving child and women’s rights, protection, and mental health.
  6. Shelter homes situated in Kandy for children are there for children who are at risk from physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

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