In 1994, Rwanda faced a devastating genocide that left the country and its people in ruins. However, the country had a tireless commitment to rebuild without an overreliance on foreign aid. Since 2000, Rwanda has made significant strides in addressing challenges related to education, health, and community needs marking a remarkable transformation from its troubled past.

 But it continues to face challenges in addressing social and economic poverty among youth, women and rural communities.

 So, how do we bring about change?

 Making a Difference Rwanda will focus on supporting the poorest and most marginalised communities by…

·        Education & Skills Training (schools & vocational training),

·        Livelihood & Entrepreneurship (vocational training centres & self-help savings groups),

·        Health & Hygiene (health clinics & community training), and

·        Emergency Relief & Disaster (flooding & drought emergencies).

We have discovered that the equipping of people, and encouragement towards autonomy and self-determination are the keys to ensuring change is not only imminent but sustainable.

Your support is not a drop in the ocean nor a flash in the pan. It will make a targeted, proven and sustainable difference in the lives of individuals who in turn bring change to their communities.

This is Rwanda.

This is Making a Difference.

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