J996N Bali Life Community Development

Indonesia, Southeast Asia

The Situation 

While rural poverty continues women and children will continue to migrate to urban areas. In turn this leads to further poverty and leads to child exploitation since children are sent to work on the streets to earn money and are unable to receive an education. Therefore, in the busy tourist areas of South Bali a large scene of ‘street kids’ has developed where children are sent out by their families to beg. Bali Life seeks to address this need of providing an alternative to life on the street through education, safety, healthy meals etc. Our future vision is to have a third class for children who want to achieve a formal schooling certificate as well as vocational training for older children to get them out of the streets and gangs and into productive, meaningful work.


The Objective

The major objective of Bali Life is to provide a safe place that the children and their families know and can come for support and to contribute in poverty reduction in Bali, especially in Denpasar and Suwung. A place that works to restore HOPE, DIGNITY and PURPOSE to the families and children who cannot go to school due to financial situations. The project aims to do this through education, empowerment, medical support and other assistance.

The second objective is to work alongside the Social Department of Bali and start finding a solution for the current dump problem. Ultimately, the vision of the “Suwung Community Centre” is that the children and mothers will experience practical help, to enhance their future beyond the trash area, enabling them to live a life of dignity and pride and to someday make a difference in our world, impacting future generations.

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