The Best of Days India #3

Encounter a moment in India! Here is the latest edition of our “Best Days of India” blog series, where Kelley Chisholm (Western Australia Representative) and Peta Thomas (Project Officer & Manager Cambodia) join our representatives for India, M.V. and Leena Thomas, monitoring Global Development Group projects in southern India.

. . . After travelling over 600 kilometres by road, the team find themselves deep in southern India during the hottest summer on record. With just a few days left of the school term before the long summer holidays commence, they just managed to squeeze this visit in before the students leave for the break.

Kelley shares her impressions of project J751N ‘ICMC Development Project’:

We climb into a four-wheel-drive to be driven to a children’s home in rural, remote Tamil Nadu. We’ve seen so many, what could be different?  As we drive through villages, the roads are filled with motorbikes, carts, cows and people—so many people. But gradually the scenery changes to empty paddocks and isolated huts.

 Then we arrive and what is before our eyes is barely believable. It’s a campus, a village, a community for education and learning. It houses a Nursing Training College, English training school, university for Arts and Science, accommodation for 1,000 students, a dining hall as large as an aeroplane hangar (well almost), with a hospital and 5,000 seat auditorium under construction. Off-site, a further four primary and secondary schools are established, with plans for a vocational training centre.

 At the centre of this ‘dreaming’ stands one man, a local Indian leader, who many years ago dreamed of providing care and educational opportunities for the very poor—families and children living in poverty of hope, safety and opportunity. He understands their struggle. He has lived it. He too was an orphan. In 1988, he started making the dream come alive and we can only wonder at what will come next!

More Info on J751N ICMC