How does life look to a 13-year-old Syrian refugee?

“My name is Nasser and I am 13 years old. I am from Aleppo but now I live in a refugee camp in Lebanon with my mother and father, brothers and sisters. I am the oldest.

 Every day from sunrise until sunset, I go out to sift through the garbage where I look for metal and empty tins to sell. On a good day, I can make a dollar or two which helps my family.

 When I think of my home in Aleppo, I remember how beautiful it was and I think of my school which was next door. The house was destroyed after an airstrike. It took us three days to escape from Aleppo – we had nothing left. I don’t know where any of my friends are now.

 All my hopes today are to go back to my country. I want my life back in Syria.

 Sometimes I think I might never be able to go back to school. It has been four years since I left my school in Syria and I can’t remember how to read and write. Now, I just need to help my family. My father used to work but now he is sick and he often faints and collapses.

 Anything my younger brother and I can collect from the garbage can help us to buy bread and feed our younger brothers and sisters.

 I want my country to return to how it was and even better. All I want is to go back to my country. I want my life back in Syria.” – Nasser.

 The war in Syria has displaced more than 4.6 million men, women and children. Global Development Group partners with World Food Program (WFP) in J807N ‘Syria Emergency Relief Project’, providing assistance to refugees like Nasser.

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Photo:WFP/Abeer Etefa