Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Global Development Group and what does it do?

Over a billion people in poor countries around the world live in poverty and struggle every day simply to survive. Global Development Group’s work is to help improve the lives of those children, families and communities living in poverty.

Global Development Group NZ works in conjunction with Global Development Group, Australia, currently carrying out more than 200 projects in more than 30 developing countries. Global Development Group was founded in Australia in 2002.

As well as providing relief in emergency situations, we work on long-term community development projects that address the causes of poverty and help people move towards self-sufficiency.

We depend on the support of the public for funding. Major donors include businesses, foundations and special interest groups. Other avenues include emergency relief appeals and cash donations.

We are an organization providing help on the basis of need. We do not discriminate on religious, political, social, cultural, age or gender grounds. Global Development Group believes in freedom, justice, peace and an opportunity for everyone. 

Q. Can I make a difference?

Every person who supports Global Development Group’s work is making a difference in someone’s life in one or more of the following ways:

  • Providing emergency food, shelter and medical assistance to the those in crisis
  • Enabling children to receive an education and a training pathway so they can break the poverty cycle
  • Providing essential health, water, and sanitation resources so communities can thrive
  • Protecting children from being exploited and rehabilitating those have, while helping to locate and prosecute the perpetrators
  • Empowering women and men through microenterprise, so they can provide for their own families
  • Building the capacity of local men and women in order to increase self-reliance and reduce foreign assistance
  • Developing agricultural and other projects for communities to be self-sustaining
  • Utilizing and protecting natural resources to produce energy and the preserve the environment
Q. Can I get a copy of Global Development Group Ltd’s Annual Report?

Global Development Group will gladly mail you the latest Annual Report. Simply provide your name and postal details via our ‘contact us’ page on the website.


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