Who is seeing a 95% increase in income?

In the areas of Mindanao and Visayas in the Philippines, 42% of the population—4.2 million—live at or below the poverty line. Several innovative programs run by Global Development Group Project J700N ‘ICM Community Development Initiatives’ are empowering ‘ultra-poor’ communities with incredible results in income generation, improved health and foundational education.

Adults are trained in a holistic program including farming and small business practice. Participants learn sustainable organic farming methods, how to produce quality organic fertilizer through vermiculture (composting with worms), marketing, family budgeting, as well as saving principles and debt management. Other livelihood options taught include producing detergent powder, dishwashing liquid, or fabric softener; while snack preparation and packaging are also offered. Microloans are provided to kick-start the small businesses with 25,552 provided during the last six months. Nearly 90% of recipients are able to repay the loans. Course graduates who have started businesses are seeing, on average, a 95% increase in household income.

Health, sanitation and illness prevention education is also conducted as part of the poverty-breaking 16-week, training program. Graduate families and communities have observed a 31% decrease in serious illness as a result of the vital knowledge gained.

At-risk children, with otherwise little hope of attending primary school, are given the opportunity to prepare for school-life. “Jumpstart” kindergartens are conducted in slum communities providing a 10-month-long pre-school education. 3,140 children completed kindy in 95 communities during the last six months. Project J700N also helped obtain 430 birth certificates for children enabling them to attend primary school.

In addition, project J700N delivered a significant amount of aid after Typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013 and assisted with 451 reconstruction projects.  More than 3,000 leaders were also trained in disaster preparation and response, who in turn, have trained 83,000 families!

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