Which project empowering African farmers was recently commended by Princeton University?

The work of Global Development Group project J687 partner One Acre Fund was recognised by Princeton University as one of sixteen organisations, world-wide, commended for a demonstrated record of effectively combatting the causes and the symptoms of global poverty.

“One Acre Fund’s farm program brings us closer to realizing a world free of hunger, and farmers play a key role in helping us reduce food shortages and malnutrition. When farmers are empowered, they have the potential to bring surplus food to their communities and neighbours,” said Peter Singer, Princeton University ethicist and founder of ‘The Life You Can Save’.

The goal of project J687 is to enable subsistence farmers to improve their quality of life through reduced hunger and increased incomes in Kisii District, Kenya. Program participants are given credit allowing them to purchase vital supplies such as seeds and fertilizer and attend training on improving agricultural practice and in building relationships with local food traders. Farmers inevitably see significant increases in yield and income—in 2015 averaging USD $198/year in new income!  100% of all loans in 2015 were fully repaid.

The project is currently 76% sustainable and aiming for more than 80% in 2016. Many new initiatives have led to a massive increase in enrolled clients for 2016. One Acre Fund is expecting to serve more than 175,000 clients in 2016 and have a goal to assist 500,000 farm families by 2020.

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