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J887N Care for Kids Bali Development Project.

Indonesia, Asia

Project Description

The Care for Kids Bali Development Project seeks to provide children with a viable future by enabling up to tertiary education and assistance to seek a career in their chosen field.

Indonesian women in Bali continue to lack knowledge of their own reproductive and general health. Where knowledge is available, it is often a combination of religious beliefs, “old wives tales”, traditional herbal remedies and medical advice. A combination of religious and cultural beliefs and a lack of education therefore mean that there are unnecessary and unwanted pregnancies. If the baby is lucky to be born alive, then they may be abandoned in a rice field and left to die, put in an orphanage or sold.

Currently Jodie O’Shea provides a care facility for 68 children to date. The ages of the children range from 7 months to 21 years.  The philosophy of Jodie O’Shea is to provide a loving and caring environment, along with a healthy lifestyle and well balanced diet and nutrition, all levels of education from preschool to University enabling the children to develop into conscious responsible young adults.

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