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Indian Subcontinent, India

Project Description

Indian Christian Mission Centre (ICMC) Development Project operates an educational and holistic care facility which assists children and widows in Salem District, Tamil Nadu. This project aims to reduce the poverty in the tribal communities of this district, primarily through sustainable agricultural development and education.

This project takes care of ‘The Promised Land’, a complex of living units and school on 90 acres. It has a primary school, which started with 12 kids and has grown to provide holistic care for around 2,000 children. The project provides clean and purified drinking water and quality food to the children and to prevent the spread of various water borne diseases like Typhoid, cholera, etc.

Additionally, the project aims to teach the community how to cultivate rice, corn, beans, bananas, coconuts and ground nuts. Through this agricultural development/education, job opportunities can be generated for the poor village youth and enable the beneficiaries to become self-sufficient – providing food security for the community.

Gender equality is also a significant goal of the project – women who are often neglected in the target community will be given priority.

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Direct Deposit

Step 1: Direct Bank Deposit 
Direct Deposit tax deductible donations can be made via:

Commonwealth Bank Australia
Global Development Group
BSB: 064118
Account No. 10200094

  • Ongoing regular deposits need to be arranged with your bank.
  • Please ensure you include the Donor’s initials (i.e. J. Smith) & Project ‘J751N’ number in the description of the direct deposit.

Step 2: Email us your donation details
Click the link above & complete the details (Note the link will only work if you have email installed).

OR Email your donation details to: 

The donation details we need are:-

a) The name & address of the donor for receipting purposes and/or name on deposit description
b) The amount, date of the donation & frequency e.g. monthly or once off
c) The preferred project & ‘J751N’ number

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