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J730N AusHEAL Congo Project.

Africa, DR Congo

Project Description

Through your financial support YOU can partner with the J730N AusHEAL CONGO PROJECT improving the immediate health needs of the war-torn people of Goma, eastern D.R.Congo together with implementing sustainable long term solutions.

The Project focuses heavily on facilitating the up-skilling of specialist medical and nursing staff at HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma DRC enhancing health care and expertise.  HEAL Africa also provides vital & unique care in an area devastated by continuing civil violence and poverty. Hospital Community Projects address gender injustice, maternal & infant mortality, safe motherhood, public health, poverty and refugee solutions.

The J730N AusHEAL CONGO PROJECT empowers and builds capacity in all levels of HEAL Africa Hospital – clinical, diagnostic, administrative and infrastructure.

The project is implemented by AusHEAL, an Australian not-for-profit organisation providing professional health expertise, training and logistical support directly to hospitals in the least developed world. AusHEAL has been sending volunteer specialist teams and support to HEAL Africa Hospital yearly since 2006.

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