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J574N Adopt a Prison Program.

Asia, Cambodia

Project Description


The Adopt-a-Prison project provides educational classes, family services, and reintegration programming to the incarcerated women and children at the CC 2 prison outside of Phnom Penh. This holistic approach ensures that the women, families, and communities impacted by crime experience restoration.

The project provides educational services to equip the women and teens to support themselves upon release. The trainings prepare them for diverse professions ranging from mechanic to beautician.  Clients can also take advantage of classes in writing, Khmer music, and several other subjects.

Since most of the incarcerated women are parents, they leave behind children who are vulnerable to malnutrition and neglect. Adopt-a-Prison cares for the children of the CC2 prisoners by connecting with their caregivers to determine and meet the following needs: basic food, school fees & uniforms, health checks, secure housing, and more. It also facilitates prison visits so families can maintain relationships while their loved one is away.

Additionally, Adopt-a-Prison provides an on-site social worker who prepares the women and teens for reintegration through job training sessions. Upon their release, participants receive a care package and a bus ticket home. The social worker ensures that they receive appropriate after-care, providing the tools they need to begin their own businesses as they transition back to their communities.

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