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J395 Neighbours Aid.

Africa, Malawi

Project Description

Established in 2001, the Malawi Neighbours Aid Community Project (NACP) aims to alleviate poverty and improve the living conditions of the children and communities of Samuti and Chickwawa through sustainable community development programs.

The project currently oversees two schools with over 200 children, providing education and a sponsorship program.  The school in Samuti has a facility which caters for up to 70 children. NACP also has a medical clinic where the children and local villagers can come for health/HIV checks and medical help.

NACP additionally has a successful agricultural program (chicken, mushroom, maize, vegetables and fish farm), used not only a source of food and income, but also to provide employment and training opportunities for the local youth who otherwise would have neither.  Locals are employed on all of NACP projects.

NACP also has vocational training programs which include tailoring, welding, mechanics, carpentry and “Train the Trainer” teacher training. Concurrently leadership training, HIV/AIDS, Family Planning and Healthcare Seminars are held for the community, as well as First Aid and Child Protection Seminars for the staff at both schools.

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