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J264N Soe Home & Community Centre.

Indonesia, Asia

Project Description

Soe Home and Community Centre aims to help and empower children to graduate and receive quality education through a small home and community centre in Soe.

Due to the lack of education, many families are not training their children in the basic skills necessary to survive in life. Skills such as cooking, cleaning, nutrition and simple financial skills are not being passed on, and as a result children are inadequately equipped for their future. All children entering the home will be encouraged to complete high school, and then pursue a career of their choice, for example fields such as, farming, teaching, hairdressing, small business, mechanical or other technical trade.

This project commenced in 2011 and has established a family home environment for a small number of vulnerable children. The project has become a Development Activity since beginning of 2015, because it has completed its building phase, and is now providing an ongoing service to about 16 students. The number of children in the home constantly changes as the students graduate from school and leave for college.

This project has enjoyed success because of the generosity of donors, the dedication of local workers and the support of Global Development Group.

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